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Do you have old computers or hard drives laying around from which you want to procure data? Moving files seems pretty straightforward right? Many of times this is not the case. For example, your email needs to first be exported to a backup file before it can be moved to your new computer.  Sometimes files have encryption on them and will not allow you to transfer them before obtaining the correct permissions over them. Whether you’ve just purchased a new computer and would like your data transferred over from your old one, or if your computer has crashed and needs to be repaired, Phoenix Computer Pro can help!

Data Transfer

Maybe your computer is too old and crippled and maybe you’d rather replace your computer instead of having it fixed.  Whatever the reason is, we should save whatever information you have and move it to your new computer.  You would be surprised by how many times people think they have transferred everything, thrown their old computer out, and only to find out that all their critical information has been lost.  If we are moving files from your old computer to the new one I will scan your files for viruses and have them removed so we don’t infect the new computer as well.

Data Recovery

Even if your computer cannot start, or perhaps you have deleted a file and need to have it back, as long as your hard drive is still mechanically functional I can help pull the data out to make a backup and you won’t have to lose all your saved documents, pictures, videos, favorites, etc.  Your data is important! Contact Phoenix Computer Pro if you’d like your data securely transferred or recovered and we will be glad to help!