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Is your computer running sluggish or freezing a lot?  It may need a Tune-Up. Phoenix Computer Pro can help!  Most older computers have problems with newer technology on the web and can usually be upgraded an affordable cost.  We’re talking like $20-$50 bucks!  Sometimes it just needs to be cleaned up and optimized because there’s too much junk!  If your computer is feeling sick or slowing down feel free to contact me and I’ll determine the best way to get your computer running in tip top shape. 

Here are the three most common culprits when dealing with a slow computer:

Malware / Operating System Corruption

If your computer is infected with Malware or your Operating System files have become corrupted you will be experiencing computer slowness, errrors, freezing up, and you will need to have the Malware removed or operating system files repaired.

Hardware Limitations / Hardware Issues

Most older computers worked fine back when they were new.  A lot of times this is due to the fact that technology is increasing at such a fast pace that older computers cannot catch up to the processing speed or memory that is demanded of them from newer applications and even surfing the web.  In this case, a computer upgrade is needed to get your computer up to pace.  If you have computer parts that are outdated or malfunctioning they will need to be replaced.

Internet / Network Issues

Since most of what we do is online, your internet or network may be what’s causing the slowness.  If your connection to the internet doesn’t seem very fast and your internet provider keeps telling you that you’re on “High Speed Internet”, we may need to diagnose your connection and fix whatever it is that’s causing the slowness.