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If you need a PC setup fresh out of the box or need a custom computer built from scratch, Phoenix Computer Pro can help! Sometimes you don’t get exactly what you need right out of the box.  After hooking up your desktop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and any other peripherals, your computer will need to be set up in Windows.  This can include users, security, wireless setup, and perhaps data transferred from your old computer to the new one.  Almost all computer come with Adware or advertising software installed right out of the box that can slow you down and offer you ad’s based on how you use your computer.  These Adware programs running in the background hog system resources and cause your computer to run slower than it should.  Phoenix Computer Pro can help clear out all the junk the manufacturers have preinstalled and get your desktop running the way it should. 

Not happy with Windows 8?

Just about any computer you buy now will include Windows 8.  There have been many complaints about the new Windows 8 system’s user friendliness and I can help alleviate those problems as well.  Feel free to Contact Us and let’s get your PC setup and working the way you like!